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Bonds Issued At A Premium Bunkichi Corporation issued the following bonds at a premium:
Date of issue and sale          March 1, 20
Principal amount                   $800,000
Sale price of bonds                 103
Denomination of bonds         $1,000
Life of bonds                           10 years
Stated rate                             8% payable semiannually on August 31 and February 28
1.       Prepare journal entries for:
a.       Issuance of bonds at a premium
b.      Interest payment and premium amortization on the bonds on August 31, 20.
c.       Year end adjustment on the bonds for20-1.
d.      Reversing entry for the beginning of 20-2.
e.      Interest payments and premium amortization on the bonds for 20-2
2.       Calculate the carrying value of the bonds on August 31, 20-2

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