balanced scorecard as applied to an industry or field 2

You may choose from one of two options provided to you as a final project for the course. Since the MSMIT and MSM lack competency exams, which is the essence of the MBA-MFT, a paper or project is the substitute for the MBA-MFT.

  • Choice #1 (Research Paper)—You may write a 15-20 page paper on the balanced scorecard as applied to an industry or field. For instance, if you work in the healthcare fields, you may want to explore how physician groups, for-profit or not-for-profit hospitals, insurers, etc. use the balanced scorecard approach to evaluate and/or help formulate strategy. APA format, citations and references are required for the research paper choice.
  • Choice #2 (Case Study Project Paper)—You may also work with a company to help design a balanced scorecard for the company. The written report must clearly lay out the process that went into the design, present the balanced scorecard and reason for inclusion of performance measures chosen, and how data are going to be assessed and collected. As a guide, you will want to see Kaplan & Norton (1993) and the examples of companies presented in that article and how they developed and used the balanced scorecard. Harvard Business School cases also serve as useful models as far as how you would possibly want to lay out the case company and the balanced scorecard. The case study should also be between 15-20 pages. APA format, references, and citations are required.


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