changes in commute patterns and transportation system

Changes in Commute Patterns
1. Prepare a 2-3 page response to the following articles… What changes have occurred recently? Has anything surprised you? What has been your personal experience with commuting? What do you think the future commute patterns will look like?

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems? 2. How does the level of service compare for a person going from floor? › 1 to 5? › 18 to 22? › 41 to 45? › 1 to 45? 3. How can we increase the capacity of our elevator system?

Add elevators
Better technology
Smarter dispatching algorithms

How does increased capacity effect the cost of running the system?

What factors determine your level of satisfaction with a particular trip?

What factors would a company consider when deciding who to ship their merchandise on?

A new tenant moves into the building and suddenly it takes much longer to

get on the elevator. Since the LOS deteriorated will demand change? Why?

If LOS deteriorates on a highway, how will demand change?

If change happens, approximately how long will it take for the change to occur?

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