chapter 2 critical reading getting started of the textbook critical thinking reading and writing

1) You will observe the qualities of a strong summary.

2)Review a summary breakdown of “A First Amendment and the brief summary.

3)Compose a summary breakdown and a brief summary of “Why the Pledge of Allegiance Should Be Revised”.

Part 1: Context and preparation for the written assignment:

Read through Susan’s Jacoby article “A First Amendment Junkie” and examine the paragraph breakdown in the annotations. (top of 56-58).

Next, examine the brief summary that follows on p. 58. Going back and forth between the article annotations and the brief summary, review how the paragraph breakdown transforms into the brief summary on p. 58

Remember in a basic summary your goal is to capture the main ideas of the author in your own language. (Please note that we are not working on what the text calls a critical summary, yet.)

Notice, how the textbook writer does not use Jacoby’s exact words or phrases in her own summary.

(Hint: you will need your dictionary/thesaurus!)

Part 2: Now you will write a paragraph breakdown and a brief summary. This is what you will submit for your assignment:

Prep: Read the student essay by Gwen Wilde “Why the Pledge of Allegiance Should be Revised” (60-62).

Next, type a labeled paragraph by paragraph breakdown of your summary as you saw done in the margins of the other text. You can Next, write your complete summary in paragraph form. The word count should fall between 150-175 words.

Revise i.e. proofread and edit and then submit both the paragraph breakdown and your completed summary in your assignment. Do not forget to include a lead-in to introduce the source, including title and author, and include a citation.

Formatting instructions:

Submit it as a word or PDF document written in complete sentences in MLA format.


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