Communication easy reply 2

I believe with my style of communication, the point I am trying to make to someone should be apparent by the tone and volume of my voice. Also I do not use slang when I am being completely serious and need someone’s full attention. I am, however, quite animated in my talking regardless of the situation, I “talk” with my hands, a lot. Recently I was talking with my boss about a change in the way we take inventory and I needed her to hear what I was saying, so I spoke like I always do in a professional manner, a little louder, clear and direct, no slang, but still used my hand movements like always and she mistook my seriousness as anger. A few days later, she got to see the difference between my serious communication and anger. When I am angry, I cross my arms and use no hand movements, my volume is even a little louder, however, I hardly say anything when I am angry. She realized at that point that there was a definite difference.

Agree or Disagree within 2-3 sentences


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