Please review the video, “The Importance of Cultural Humility,” and additional resources for Module 9, then respond to the following questions:1. Describe how personal narrative and self-reflection are beneficial in developing cultural humility.2. One theme in the module is a contrast between cultural competence and cultural humility. In your own words, describe these concepts and how you see them relating to one another.3. Describe the importance of continuously learning about your clients’ backgrounds (ex: culture, preferences, education level, profession, lifestyle, etc)?a. Review the LEARN model. Describe how you can use this framework to build a cooperative and collaborative relationship with the client.4. What are some systemic factors that oppress populations? (Hint: You will have to research this with an article) How can these factors be reduced or eliminated to improve client healthcare access and outcomes? (ex: institutional accountability, advocacy, grow diversity in leadership and frontline workforce, etc).5. Conclusion: There are different voices and experiences represented in the video. Which phrases or thoughts stood out to you? Is there anything you would say reflects your own ideas? What would you disagree with? How will you approach new experiences or interactions with clients?8-10 pointsExcellentAnswer is   thorough and provides supportive evidence from the article.5-7 pointsNeeds   ImprovementAnswer does not   provide enough supportive evidence and is lacking in depth and   thoughtfulness.0-4 pointsSignificant   ErrorsAnswer is   missing components; no supportive evidence presentedTotal Points:50(10pts each   section)


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