culture change and visual management

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INSTRUCTIONS: Use this word.doc to type your answers to the questions and submit to Blackboard

Topic: Culture Change & Visual Management

Facility: Cleveland Clinic


Instructions: Use this template and always use “Bullet Points” when possible for multiple items under a “Topic”

1) What “TOOLS” did they use to change the culture.

List the tool and briefly explain how it was used. (Use bullet points)

2) “Organizational Alignment” (1 page)

a)Why is an organizational alignment always necessary when converting to a “Lean Structure”

b) How did the change affect duties of the 3 levels of personnel

3) Visual Management (2 pages)

a) How did they use visual management

b) What benefit did visual management have on the way personnel did their job

c) How did “problem solving” change with the new system

4) Standardization (1 page)

a) Why did they standardize the work

b) How did they use “Visual Management” in standard work

5) Culture Change (1 page) (use bullet points with brief explanations)

a) What effect did the items 1-4 above have on changing the culture

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