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Post your initial response to one of the scenarios below. You only have to do one of them:Scenario 1You are admitting a 27-year-old woman to your unit for work-up of weight loss. While conducting an admission interview, you learn that she has recently lost her job and has a strong family history of depression and suicide.How would you construct your interview?What measures would you take with the information you have gathered? Why?Scenario 2You are admitting a 12-year-old child to your unit. The mother states that the child has a history of unexplained blackout episodes, headaches, sleep disturbances, and is presently exhibiting tremors.What is the most likely cause of these symptoms?What actions would you take during the interview process? Explain.Scenario 3A young 33-year-old man is admitted to your unit with a chief complaint of “tiredness and morning headaches” even after sleeping.How you would perform a comprehensive analysis of symptoms?What are the possible causes of the symptoms?What examinations would be crucial to determine the cause of his problems? Why?Make sure to to  cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.Please state the following textbook as your main reference:Jarvis, C. (2019). Physical examination and health assessment (8th ed.). Saunders. ISBN: 9780323510806.
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