Please respond with 150 words . Give your opinion to the following:

Exercise and sport science contributed firstly to human movement by making it easier in a sense. The more we have learned about taping jobs, recovery, conditioning and such as made the people stronger, faster, and less prone to injuries than ever before. One specific example is discovering all the bones and ligaments in our body as beforehand people did not know about every bone or ligament. For science, we have integrated sports with the sciences of anatomy, biology, physics, and chemistry. More specifically on bio-mechanics, motor learning, and motor development. A specific examples is how we found out how areas of the body can be hit with less force through physics through learning new techniques on landing and jumping. Humanities have been affected by the findings of physical activity related to survival, group affiliation, religion, and enjoyment. One specific example can be the findings of old gymnastic techniques integrated to music from past generations and studying them for our general knowledge.


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