group therapy practice in a mental health setting

Research format

Introduce topic : Give background, an anecdote, or the status quo
What is the Debate/ Conversation/ Perspectives surrounding the issue?
Major Claim – Thesis statement
Body paragraph Outline (# of body paragraphs depends on assigned essay length)
Counterargument-and Rebuttal Paragraph
Conclusion Paragraph : Restate thesis and major reason(s)
References – Separate Page
If Applicable, followed by reference (footnotes/ tables/figures)

Sub-claim = Points you want to make = Reason(s) that helps prove your thesis.

Explain/ Elaborate/ Commentary
Concluding Sentence/ Transition to next point (connect back to thesis)

Answer why is this topic important to think about?

E.g. Last Name, F.M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From – To.
Last Name, F.M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name
This paper must be written in Microsoft Word (no exceptions)
This paper must follow APA format
This paper must be double spaced, 12” font, 1” margins all around
May use references/resources submitted in addition to text.
citation (Last name, Year)
Give me your best writing because I need to score an A
Need 7-8 pages (does not include cover and references pages)
Absolutely, NO PLAGARISM

Text – The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy by Irvin D. Yolom, 5th Edition
Group therapy practice in a mental health setting.
Research on the subject MUST relate to group theory, process or practical application of group processes.
Subject : Schizophrenia.

What is group therapy practice and how is it applied in a mental care setting?
What is schizophrenia and how can it be treated?
What must counselors know about the disorder in order to build a therapeutic relationship with the client?
What advice would you give about working with clients diagnosed with schizophrenia?
What other types of issues can clients diagnosed with schizophrenia present?
What are some common misconceptions about schizophrenia?
What challenges do counselors face in this area?
How can psychosocial rehabilitation interventions be established?
What forms of therapeutic techniques are used in group therapy?
What are some advantages of group therapy for clients with schizophrenia?
How effective is psychotherapy when compared with medications?
What are some benefits received by clients who participates in group therapy sessions?
What are the coping guidelines for the family.

Additional references

Psychotherapy for people diagnosed with schizophrenia : specific techniques / Andrew Lotterman (2015)
Living with Mental Illness: A cognitive Behavioral Group Psycho-education Program with women in secure settings. / Long, Banyard, Doley
The effectiveness of a Psychoeducational group program with inpatients being treated for Chronic Mental illness /Duman, Zekiye, Cetinkaya (2010)
Group art therapy as adjunct therapy for the treatment of schizophrenia patients in days hospitals / Mandic Gajic, Gordana (Novenber (2013).
Partnering with families: Multiple Family Group Psychoeducation for Schizophrenia /Jewel, Thomas C. Downing, Donna….
Long term group psychotherapy of schizophrenia in the private practice setting: Distription of two year experience / Kokoszka, Andrzej (Mar,2002)
Family involment in treating schizophrenia : Models, essentials skills and processes / James A. Marley (2004)

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