hi i really need help my homework and i hope you can help i need show all

Hi I really need help with my homework, and I hope you can help. I need to show all the working to how I solved the problem also. P.s It is due tomorrow. 1. The regular price of a suit is $99. The suit is on sale for 33 1/3% off. Find the sale price. 2. Dara borrowed $3000. She was charged at 15% per year. Find the interest for one year. 3. Joe paid $100 interest on money he borrowed for one year. The rate of the interest was 10%. How much money did her borrow? 4.The cost of a house increased 12% in one year. The original cost was $50,000. Find the cost one year later. 5.The sale price of a pair of shoes is $21. This is 70% of the regular price. Find the regular price. 6.A bicycle is advertised for a sale at 20% discount. The regular price is $150. Find the sale price. Thank you.

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