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The Search

After viewing the film, The Search, consider the following as you prepare for your live analysis:

1. What bio-psychosocial and spiritual factors impacted the boy in the film between the time he was lost and the time he was reunited with his mother?

2. What biopsychosocial and spiritual factors impacted the mother in the film between the time she was separated from her son until the time she was reunited with him?

3. What did you observe about the social worker who had responsibility for the rescued Jewish children of the Holocaust? What qualities impressed you regarding her professionalism, use of self, and humanity?

Complete sentences and proper grammar is a must. There is no word count but each question need to be discussed in a professional manner. This is for a social work class so one would be thinking on a social worker’s level.

The only version of this film that I was able to find is:


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