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The obsession for secrecy and the reasons for not sharing intelligence at a national level was exposed after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Answer the following questions in your initial response.
1. Do you believe law enforcement has since overcome the obstacles of not sharing intelligence information between the federal, state and local levels?
2. Find one real life example since September 11, 2001 where intelligence sharing between agencies occurred. You may use current events as sources.
3. Using the knowledge you have gained from this course. Describe your position with three (3) specific recommendations of how to effectively share intelligence information to prevent or reduce crime.
Instructions: APA 6th edition format is not required in your response unless students introduce information from outside sources. All forum responses need to be 500 words and include two (2) substantive feedback posts to your peers of 250 words.
Due Dates: Your initial response is due Thursday night at 11:55 pm EST. Feedback posts are due Sunday night 11:55 pm EST.
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