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Please  type  your  answers;  you  may  draw  the  lines  of  the  trees  by  hand  if  you  choose.  
For  each  sentence  separately,  first  determine  whether  the  phrase  structure  rules  we  have   developed  in  class  (according  to  the  handout  called  ‘English  Phrase  Structure  Rules’  can   account  for  the  sentence.  If  not,  indicate  ‘NO’  and  state  why  not  (that  is,  what  part  or  parts  of   the  sentence  cannot  be  accommodated  by  our  phrase  structure  rules?).  If  yes,  provide  the   surface  structure  tree  (this  means  that  you  do  not  need  to  include  AUX  or  any   transformations  in  your  trees).  
1.  The  happy  child  played  with  the  very  cute  puppies.   2.  I  think  that  you  are  a  very  good  linguist.   3.  The  cows  mooed.   4.  The  girls  sang  in  the  rain.  
The  sentence  ‘Beautiful  artwork  pleases  visitors  to  the  museum’  contains  a  number  of   constituents.  Here  are  examples  of  constituents  in  this  sentence:  
   5.   For   sentence   (1)   above,   list   FOUR   separate   constituents,   in   the   format   demonstrated   in   the   box  above.        Remember:   ␣ While  you  may  consult  with  classmates  and  others  as  you  develop  your  responses  to  the  
assignment  questions,  you  must  turn  in  your  own  work  (if  you  have  any  questions  about  the   course  policy  concerning  cheating/plagiarism,  please  see  the  syllabus  and/or  talk  with  the   professor)  
␣ Late  assignments  will  not  be  accepted  for  credit  unless  prior  explicit  arrangements  have   been  made  with  the  professor  
␣ 12-­‐point  font  and  1-­‐inch  margins,  and  stapled  (double-­‐sided  pages  are  okay/preferred)  
NP:  Beautiful  artwork   VP:  pleases  visitors  to  the  museum   PP:  to  the  museum   NP:  visitors  to  the  museum   NP:  the  museum  
AP:  beautiful 

Linguistics book:
this my whole semester book link:
thank u very much for your help and your cooperation.

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