Literature Review of Health Issue and Target Population

Literature Review of Health Issue and Target PopulationTitle of Project: Heart Disease Mortality by Year and Jurisdiction in the United States, 2000– 2018.A literature review is a necessary part of fully understanding the health issue you are trying to address. Reviewing the literature provides you with diverse perspectives that may support or oppose your own perspective on the issue. This is an essential part of the decision-making process as it relates to designing, implementing, and evaluating any public health program.Have you started reviewing different resources about your health issue? Have you been able to find current information?Have you been able to identify common themes as well as differences in addressing the issue?Have you found any evidence that supports the proposed intervention for your target population?Prepare a 4–6-page literature review that focuses on the health issue and target population being addressed through the practicum experience. Include a minimum of eight (8) references presented in APA format. References should have been published within the past five years.


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