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My topic is The Effects of Social Media on College Students
Overview: For this project you will (1) learn about a common health issue related to college students; (2) learn about the resources available regarding that issue at UCM and other universities; (3) create a public health education campaign with at least three elements (poster, audio, infographic, brochure, video, etc.) based on a common theme; (4) when creating the campaign, apply at least three concepts covered in class to help explain the decisions you made when creating the campaign; (5) you will write a paper addressing what you learned, how you created your campaign and how the campaign relates to persuasive concepts; (6) you will prepare and deliver a presentation to the class and members of the UCM Campus Community Health office.
November 22: Full Paper
♣ This paper will integrate all the papers you have written previously and your campaign persuasive acts. In addition, you will need to add a couple additional sections; create transitions to make the analysis flow; and review the entire document for continuity and clarity
♣ The following sections must be included in the paper:
o Cover page: Title, name(s)
o Introduction: (.8 page)
♣ identify topic,
♣ explain why you chose the topic,
♣ why is it an important topic to address—you may want to include a statistics or piece of information from Research on College Health Problem paper
♣ what will this paper cover (a preview)
o College Student Health Problem
♣ Use Research on College Health Problem paper
♣ Revise and edit as necessary
o How to Address College Student Health Problem
♣ Use Research on How to Address Health Problem paper
♣ Revise and edit as necessary
o Campaign Materials
♣ Use Campaign assignment
♣ Briefly describe each persuasive campaign item
♣ Cut and paste an image if applicable
♣ Create an active URL link if it contains more than an image
o Application of Persuasion Comments to Campaign
♣ Use Application of Persuasion Comments to Campaign
♣ Revise and edit as necessary
o Success of Campaign
♣ Each person working on the project will write a 3-5 pages’ reflection covering:
How successful and why?
What would you have done if you had more time and resources?
How did this project help to learn how social influence works in society?
o References
♣ Use Reference from any section that included references
♣ All reference sources used in your paper. Need to be APA or MLA format.
♣ Hint: look up how to cite a website…most students to not do it correctly
November 26/December 4: Presentation
♣ More information will be coming after I determine how many groups/solo people there are going to be.
total paper between 15-20 pages
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