Reallocation of Resources to Address Quality (in ICU), health and medicine homework help

Reallocation of Resources to Address Quality (in ICU), health and medicine homework help

Question description

Power Point Presentation on the Reallocation of Resources to Address Quality in an Intensive Care Unit.

***Please note: The person composing this power point presentation must adhere to the specification on sections A & B.


Specifications section A (Style and Format):

  • Must be composed in the APA format, the 6th edition version.
  • Must contain a MAXIMUM of 14 slides, excluding references page and title page.
  • Provide a minimum of 3 journal citations and include these on the reference list.
  • Because no live presentation will be offered with the Slides, the presentation should include instructor notes for any additional explanation which would be used in a live delivery.
  • The quality and content should be clearly and concisely presented (no full paragraphs)
  • References and citations should be in APA format.
  • Use appropriate background, grammar, spelling, and format for the slides.

Specifications section B (Content instructions):

  • Select a quality metric in your ‘ORGANIZATION’ which needs to be improved and recommend new resources (material and/or human) to support improvement of this metric.
    • The ‘Organization’ refers to the acute care setting, AKA the hospital setting, with the essay focused around the Intensive Care Unit
  • It is important to note, that the course which this essay is being written for is a NURSING finance course, and thus the information provided should be focused and reflective of such.
  • The presentation should come from the perspective of a Nursing Leader (director of the ICU).

***Slides should contain the following information:

  • Describe why the selected quality metric is of concern to the organization
  • Recommend resources and their costs to support an improvement strategy
  • Provide justification for the mid-year adjustment to resources
  • Describe the intended outcome – pre/post data
  • Explain the options and decision making process that resulted in your solution.
  • Provide key information that allows the reader to visualize the impact of the solution on stakeholders


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