Response 1

Today’s world, we are living in a Artificial Intelligence. Everything we do is also programmed by some array of machines or some type of computer systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI), can improve capability in our professional and educational place. For example, colleges like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) Stanford University are just a few to name, they’re a lot of AI that program along with schools like these. AI can increase what we all do as our day to day lives and the technology we benefit day in and day out. Like the article has mentioned, they’re many challenges to be faced and how to address them for people who won’t understand right away. Artificial Intelligence will improve our workforce to emerge. Even though machines might be taking over many jobs especially old jobs from 90’s and before, the real challenge for human is to find their passion with new responsibilities that set for human abilities. While many questioned that machines will over power human in the workforce. There is still a debate going on how this will play out in the near future. There will always be new consequence when new technology is introduced. These unintended outcomes of AI will mostly challenge all of us in some type of way. It will put humans to adapt to become better and introduce a new way of overcoming these AI challenges. From sales, investing, and creating new sorts of income and jobs.On a positive impact, ” When AI takes over repetitive or dangerous tasks, it frees up the human workforce to do work they are better equipped for—tasks that involve creativity and empathy among others. If people are doing work that is more engaging for them, it could increase happiness and job satisfaction (Marr, 2021). As a robotic, people sometimes get confused between Artificial Intelligence and Robotic. Robotic is a branch of technology that behaves towards physical robots. Robots are machines that carry a array action auto or semi. They are programmed, auto or semi, and interact with physical world via sensors and actuators.Robots benefit to society a lot from robot small mission plans like what Customs and Border Protection use to detect illegal activity from high above to having robotic machines in a battle field to detect and turn off an IED. I believe robots will evolve over time and science and technology (S&T) and will benefit many companies, military, law enforcement and more.I need a 50 word response to this discussion above.


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