Se492 week 6 d | Computer Science homework help

Type your discussion in a Word document (No less than 200 words), and submit  for similarity verification. Please DO NOT REPEAT THE DISCUSSION TOPIC, only type your answer to the discussion topic. You can revise and resubmit your word document as many times as you wish until % of similarity is 30% Or less. (Preferably 0%.)
Then if % of similarity is 30% or less, Copy and Paste your discussion on Discussion 1: (Required posting)
Note: Please submit only MS Word, other file types are not acceptable.
YOUR INITIAL DISCUSSION   Due:No later than Friday of this week. 100 words or more (80 Points).
Discussions posted on Sunday will receive a reduction of 20 points.
Discussions posted after Sunday of this week  WILL RECEIVE POINT DEDUCTIONS FOR EVERY WEEK OF BEING LATE.
PEER REPLY/COMMENT   Due: No later than Friday or Saturday of this week (50 words or more), Provide comments to other class member. (20 points ). 
Please take a few minutes and check the discussion board on Saturday Or Sunday to respond to peer OR my comments/queries,
Peer replies posted after Sunday of this week WILL NOT BE GRADED.
Thank you for your timely participation.
Discussion Topic
Read chapter 6. Answer the following question.
1.  Go through pages 234-241 of the textbook to complete the Resource on your Consumer Market Study project you started earlier. Show screenshots of your work and discuss what you learn. 

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