The Lighthouse

The assignment is designed to sharpen and assess your skills when it comes to analyzing professional lighting set-ups and reverse engineering those lighting designs. Your work throughout the course should prepare you for this task.

Choose two scenes (one day, one night) from one of the six films assigned in class. You must choose scenes that have not been covered in depth in lecture materials/slides.* The Film that I’ve chosen is called ” The Lighthouse”*.

A) Write a 4-page (12pt font, dbl spaced) analysis of the lighting in the two scenes (2 pgs per scene). Address the following in detail: motivation, direction, quality, color, contrast, and mood. How many set-ups are there? Be sure to address every light source in the scene, understanding that lights are typically moved or adjusted for different set-ups. How do these scenes fit into the broader lighting approach of the film? Is there anything particularly distinctive about the lighting in the scenes? Be as detailed as possible. If you need to attach annotated stills to help clarify your analysis, feel free to do so.

B) In addition to your written analyses, you should draw a detailed overhead lighting diagram for each of your two scenes. Include character position & movement, basic architectural layout, and, most importantly, where you think specific lights are in the space. Make your best guess about the placement of these lights based on what you can observe in the finished film.


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