water and light essay

please use simple vocabulary, also use simple sentences

I don’t want it to 100% perfect

the poem will be in the file

– about (3-4) pages please

The assignment. For this first essay, you are going to analyze a sports poem that explores the complexities of personal relationships:

  • “Water & Light” (37)

Going about it. Take some time to read over several of the poems listed above.read it carefully, highlighting key words and images and taking notes that address the following questions:

  • Who is the speaker in the poem?
  • What is the nature and condition of the relationship being explored?
  • How are sports used in the exploration of this particular relationship? Do sports help the characters make a meaningful connection? Do sports prevent characters from interacting in a healthy or productive way?
  • What are key lines, images, and words that help to develop the theme of personal relationships?
  • To what extent do the form and style of the poem reinforce what the poem is about?

Eventually, you will need to generate a thesis—a main idea, an arguable assertion about some aspect of the work (something to do with sports and personal relationships). This thesis will be supported by unified, well-developed paragraphsfull of specific detailfrom poem as well as analysis of that detail.


Format. Make sure you format your essay according to the
MLA style (see pp. 5-6 of syllabus). Be sure to use parenthetical citations when quoting from your poem. Be sure to create a Works Cited page. In order to save paper, you may present this “page” immediately following the text of your essay. Simply quadruple space after the last line of your essay, center the words “Work Cited” (do not, however, use quotation marks), double space, and type your entry.



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