Week 11: Assignment 5


Illustrate the use of computational models and present the role of general trust and values or possible biases in decision making. Write your submission in 1200 words or less in an MS Word Document. Your paper must demonstrate proper APA formatting and style. You do not need to include a cover page or abstract, but be sure to include your name, assignment title, and page number in the running header of each page. Your paper should include references from your unit readings and assigned research; the sources should be appropriately cited throughout your paper and in your reference list. Use meaningful section headings to clarify the organization and readability of your paper. Review the rubrics before working on the assignment.

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Supplementry resource:

Attached Files

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  •  Computational Modelling of Public Policy.pdf (4.681 MB)
  •  Risks in the Making – The Mediating Role of Models in Water Management and Civil Engineering in the Netherlands.pdf (406.564 KB)

Rubric Detail


Points:10 (50.00%)Meets “Proficient” criteria and includes detailed presentation of a research-based sample model.

Values,Trust or Bias

Points:6.66667 (33.33333%)Meets “Proficient” criteria, and values/trust/bias discussed are exceptionally well by applying research-based techniques.

Grammar & Organization 

Points:3.33333 (16.66666%)Included subheadings and submission is free of errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, and syntax.


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