Week 6 | Criminal homework help

 Overview: This milestone will allow you to complete the Causes of Controversy and Reaction to Controversy portions of your final project. You will identify and analyze the underlying cause(s) of the controversy related to the court case. Then explore whether the courts could have taken any alternative courses of direction that would have remedied the situation more appropriately and effectively. Prompt: In this milestone, create a draft of the Causes and Reaction to Controversy portions of your final project. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Causes of Controversy A. Media Coverage: Assess the impact of media coverage of the case on the judicial process. For instance, how did the news media shape public perception of the case? How did this, in turn, affect the court proceedings? Or, how did the selection of photographs and videos used by the media impact public opinion and the judicial process? B. Fairness: Assess the fairness of the administration of the judicial process in your case. In other words, how fair and equitable was the judicial process? Why did the judicial process cause such a controversy? II. Reaction to Controversy A. Reaction Explanation: Explain the reaction by the criminal justice court system, the media, and local, state, or national politicians to the perceived equality of the judicial process, supporting your response with specific examples. For instance, were politicians acting in a way that caused bias? Did local media provide objective coverage of the case? Did national media demonstrate sufficient, in-depth knowledge of the facts? B. Reaction Defense: Justify, with evidence, the appropriateness and effectiveness of the court system’s reaction to the controversy during the trial. Ensure that you communicate your justification clearly and effectively. C. Alternatives Explanation: How could the court system have responded more appropriately and effectively to the controversy during and after the trial? In other words, what alternative courses of direction could the court system have taken? How could the judicial system have worked in a more fair and ethical way? D. Alternatives Defense: Defend, with evidence, your conclusions about how the court system could have taken an alternative course of direction that might have remedied the situation more appropriately and effectively. Ensure that you communicate your defense clearly and effectively.  Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Your draft of the Causes of Controversy and Reaction to Controversy portions of your final project will be submitted as a presentation and must include speaker notes or a transcript. Audio and video are strongly encouraged because of the importance of communication in the criminal justice profession. Your presentation should have 5–7 slides, although this is a minimum requirement; depending on the controversial court case you select, you may need more slides to comprehensively analyze your court case. You should use current APA style guidelines for your citations and reference list,   with a minimum of three sources.  

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