Assignment: Group Wiki: Strategic Goals and Potential Challenges

Organizational goals that are clearly written and communicated to stakeholders can have many positive effects. For example, organizational goals can help establish priorities, improve decision making, and build teamwork. However, organizations sometimes experience challenges and trends that impact their goals. As a current or future leader and manager of an organization, it is important to consider how you might overcome these potential challenges. In this Group Wiki, you create organizational goals, explore challenges that might impact them, and consider ways to overcome these challenges.

By Day 5

To complete:

In the Group Wiki, write a summary to address the following with your Final Project in mind:

  • Explain 2–3 short-term goals (1–4 years) for your organization. Explain challenges that might impact these goals. Include how the organization might overcome these challenges.
  • Explain 2–3 long-term goals (15–20 years) for your organization. Identify long-term trends (i.e., social, political, demographic, economic, ecological, technological, etc.) that might impact these goals.
  • Explain why it is important to define short-term and long-term goals.
  • Identify and share resources that you might use to help you define your organizational goals.


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