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Read the article, “Using Wood Products to Reduce Global Warming,” by Jim Wilson. Write a one page summary in your own words of the points you consider most important, but be sure to include a paragraph on how forest fire fits into the carbon equation.
PDF download: http://www.corrim.org/pubs/articles/2006/OFRI_chapter07.pdf
Read the article, “Green Building Programs — Are They Really Green?” by Jim L. Bowyer. Write a one page summary in your own words of the points you consider most important.
Full text article or PDF download may be found via WVU Libraries at http://search.proquest.com/docview/214609735/fulltextPDF/130DBBEFCEF5DA755FC/5?accountid=2837 (To find this article if you are off campus, you will have to log in to the site and go to http://www.libraries.wvu.edu and click “Have a citation? Find it @ WVU” using this citation: Bowyer, J. 2007. Green Building Programs – are They Really Green? Forest Products Journal 57(9): 6-17).

Write one page summery for each subject. MLA , 12, Double space .
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